TIHOMIR TRIO takes you on a journey of discovering the musical treasures of the Balkans, reimagined in the language of modern music. It was created at the end of 2023! 
With an authentic approach, exquisite taste, original compositions, and top-notch playing enhanced by a rhythm section that gives the whole sound a new dimension, this piano Balkan trio will amaze you!


Tihomir Stojiljkovic - piano 

Vladimir Samardzic - bass 

Andreja Krstic - percussion


“I've never heard deeper music… TIHOMIR dug up the Balkan region in full”
Bojan Z (French/Serbian jazz pianist & composer)


"This is so special! His music makes me stop, close my eyes, and go floating with it"
- Marwa Gamal Aldine (fan from Egypt)


solo, tihomir stojiljkovic


solo update, tihomir stojiljkovic, tikark


solo upgrade, tihomir stojiljkovic, trilogy

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